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Info on the track owner

Hello I am Chris Langley and RC started with Remote control about 1983, My father raced on the Bo link team, I had a little Timiya Grass hopper,I ran the wheels off of that thing, I would run it at the tracks where my father was racing and also at home in the yard, we would go to a old shopping center and run the cars also, that would be my fathers practice time, He made Gutter guards so ha had lots of Boxes and they were our cones to drive around, then we got out of it for a few years.

In 1989 my father introduced me to Airplanes, got into glow planes for a while we have done them off and on since then. In about 1993 we got into Electric Gliders and sport type electric powered planes.
In about 1994 we took a season off from flying and got into Nitro Boats and Joined the Atlanta Boat Club, that was fun for a season I raced a Tunnel Hual and my father ran a John loveless V haul and a Hydroplane.
we took a few years off and didn't do anything for a while, other hobbies came(fishing,camping,etc.)

Finally in June of 2004 we went to our flying club Paulding County Model Aviation (we stayed members just didn't go fly) also went to CCRC and DCMA and seen the new Electric planes flying, just had to get one, so then it hit us hard, got back into planes, Brushless electric ones weighing under 15 ounce. We have been flying them every since, mostly small Foamy types.
Well its May 2006 and I decided to get back into RC Trucks and cars, I went out got a Traxxas Rustler and here we are today, building a track and tearing up the track. Hope you enjoyed the history lesson LOL

In July 2006 I got a Nitro Rustler and a Electric Stampede,My father has a Revo 3.3 now also.
We had fun running on our track at the time, and I had loads of fun jumping my jumps I build, my metal ramp me and my buddy Chris painted up was the most fun I believe

March 2011 now, I had lost my password for this site and could not log in, I had gotten out of RC trucks for a while, I just now in March 2011 got another RC truck, In April 2008 the Track in Paulding county was tore down and we moved, I now live in Cartersville GA and found out about Turtle Trax and started hanging out up there watching them race, they have club races once a week. and there building a outdoor track in Rome Ga. I ended up buying a used SC10 truck rtr minus radio. It is totally different from my Stampede or rustler but its still fun.
Please check out the front page for all links for everything as always. As of right now I am found on Rctech, and at Turtle trax.

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